Honeysuckle: Birds in March

The pot with the Honeysuckle is on the fourth floor without much other plants around. There are trees in front of the house and the river is close by. The amazing thing is that you only need a bird feeder and there is a lot going on:
A male Blackbird was enjoying the seeds and the female the water. Blackbirds were not around anymore by the end of the month.

Lots and lots of House Sparrows having a feast. There were Great Tits or Titmice not on the feeder but on the Titmouse food:

Male and female Chaffinch never on the feeder either but picking up the seeds from the floor cracking them with small and fast movements of the beak:

And of course our birdhouse just above the Honeysuckle – see photos of the Blue Titmouse bringing nesting material here:

The Blue Titmice accepted the cat hair we offered for the house warming party:

And this one is for Larry – they do use the perch – but I’m glad to know that this can also be used by predators:

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3 Responses to Honeysuckle: Birds in March

  1. Dusty says:

    We often build habitat walls for bees with panels filled with sheep’s wool for the bird’s to use to make nests – glad the Blue Tit’s liked the cats hair 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    Beautiful shots! Love to see all the action 🙂

    The sparrows in Hungary were always eager to get the hair from the dogs after brushing 🙂

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