World Map

Because it got a little crowded in New and old England on this map I added a map of North-America and one of Europe.

Still looking for the places where the following trees grow: Beech Tree of Valeria, maybe Lilac from resoRevo, Cedar from Kristine, the Redwood from Neighbor and the tree from Sue H. – please leave a comment! Thanks

April 4th 2011
Another four new trees on the project in green: an Oak in Spain, a Sycamore in Dorset and Apples in Vermont and Coventry

February 27th 2011
Five more trees (in green) in February: White Pine in Illinois, Apple in Main, multiple trees in Bangalore and one unknown in Missouri and the UK

January 30th 2011:
another seven new trees (in green): Maple in Michigan, Dogwood in North Carolina, a Lime in London, a Larch in South Wales, a Plum in the UK and two yet unknown trees: one in India and one somewhere

January 20th 2011:
the seven new trees: Douglas Fir in Pacific Grove CA, Birches in Seattle, Staghorn Sumac in West Virginia, White Birch in Grand Rapids MI, unknown yet in Ottawa, and a Sweet Gum and a Redwood somewhere

January 15th 2011:
lots of new trees: Oak in France, Eucalyptus in California, Hawthorne in Sussex, Hornbeam and Cherry in Scotland, Weeping Willow in Portland OR, Cedar in ?, Persimmon in Arkansas, Dogwood in Kentucky, Apple and Mimosa in South England

January 9th 2011:
new trees:  White Pine in Connecticut, Birches in Massachusetts, Weeping Birch in Ontario, Beech Tree in ? and probably a Lilac in ?

January 7th 2011:
and again four more trees: Bigleaf Maple in Portland OR, Jacaranda in Florida, Small-leaved Lime in Devon, Horse Chestnut in the Netherlands.

January 5th 2011:
again four more trees in green: Tulip tree in Pennsylvania, White Mulberry in New York City, Corkscrew on Vancouver Island, Rowan tree in England

January 2nd 2011:
4 more trees in green: Hickory in Iowa, Lime in Scotland, Honeysuckle in Switzerland and Bean Tree in New Zealand

Januar 1st 2011:
6 more trees! and 24 more followers on Facebook – that’s what I call a New Year 🙂

  • Walnut on the US Westcoast
  • Osange Orange in Idaho
  • Crab Apple and Apple tree in New Hampshire
  • Birch in Massachusetts
  • Hawthorne in Maine
  • Hawthorne in London
  • Willow in France
  • Mulberry in Istanbul
  • Plum tree in Turkey
  • Mesquite in Kuwait
  • Silver Birch in Canberra

December 31st 2010:

Map from Wikimedia

1 Response to World Map

  1. dreamfalcon says:

    I know I haven’t updated the maps lately. I’m sorry, cause it was lots of fun to see where are all those trees grow. For the rest of the year I’ll just leave it like that – I hope it’s ok with you. Whenever you find a way that people can put their own locations, drop me a line 🙂

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