Summer Time

Since the summer came in the northern hemisphere, the Tree Year project slowed down. No wonder, now that the leaves have grown, their light green color has turned into dense dark green and it has become hard to observe life through the thicket.

… and hopefully there are lots of other things to do outside!

Last year my honeysuckle was home to some insects. But this year as the Blue Tits moved in and out the bird house right above it, there are no more insects. Probably, whatever was there, has been on the Blue Tit’s menu or the Sparrow’s who are still around. In the morning with the first light of the day, the House Sparrows come to pick up all the dead bugs who have ended their life in the light of the lamp the passing night. The bugs hiding in the Honeysuckle can’t hide for long…

This photo is from last summer – the Ladybug was sitting on a sunflower right next to the Honeysuckle.

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2 Responses to Summer Time

  1. Flighty says:

    This reminds that I’ve not done a ‘Plot trees’ post for a couple of months! That’s because apart from them growing I’ve seen no other activity, such as wildlife, of note. xx

  2. Mike B. says:

    I was just thinking today about how I hadn’t posted about my tree in a while. It’s because nothing has changed! But, I think the walnuts will be here soon…

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