September Challenge: Edible parts

In September we already celebrate the 9th month of the Tree Year Project.

Only recently I came across a most interesting book of Meret Bisegger called “My cuisine with wild plants” (on amazon in Italian, and German). She talks about all the edible stuff in trees and shrubs around us. Not only the fruit but also leaves, buds, roots etc.

I am interested in all the edible parts of your tree: do you know what parts of your tree can be eaten by humans? (Beside the obvious fruit of lets say an apple tree.)

I didn’t know that the young leaves and buds from the Linden tree can be used for salad. Even the flowers can be used. Now by the end of August, the leaves don’t look very edible anymore, the black most probably comes from the traffic.

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3 Responses to September Challenge: Edible parts

  1. Georgia says:

    Great post! Edible trees is one my interests (

    Jennifer: is birch oil used in toothpaste?

    dreamfalcon: with so many lindens in my neighborhood, I can prepare many linden salads next spring!

    • Georgia, I think birch oil is used in toothpaste, and as an essential oil in a lot of other things as well. Xylitol and salicylate, used in natural toothpaste and mouth wash, also come from birch pulp. Who knew birches were so useful?

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