The last Tree Year post on my Honeysuckle

My honeysuckle in the blue pot looks pretty much the same as it did a year ago: a lot of empty branches, some remaining brownish leaves and some berries to be picked by European Robins or other birds. It will have to wait until spring again for a direct ray of sun in the morning. Maybe there will be a bird family using the nest just above it as well. We had a very warm November and there are green buds and even one last flower waiting for another warm day before it opens.
But for now, the leave colors have been fading away into a funny purple.

They even got burned somehow by I don’t know what. Maybe the dirt in the air…

I haven’t seen many insects on the plant this year and I have decided that this is due to birds who have discovered it as a food source. Ok, last winter I did put the bird feeder right there, too.

I know that I will continue to watch what is happening on and around my tree – I hope you’ll do that, too! 🙂

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