September and October Treeyear

Looking back at two fall months and what some of the contributors reported:

Katie saw a Red-shoulderd Hawk and a Monarch on her coast Douglas-Fir (link). Lucinda did syrup with the berries from her Hawthorne (link).

Jen found out about edible parts of the birch and added some great photos from her fallen tree (link). And Juliet as well has some great fall photos of her Hornbeam (link).

the yellow of Juliet's Hornbeam

Please do tell us, how your tree is doing in this final weeks of the year!

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2 Responses to September and October Treeyear

  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for mentioning me. I’ve taken this project on seriously; unfortunately I haven’t been able to post more than about once a month. I have enjoyed reading other people’s blogs around the world about their trees.

  2. lyonesse2710 says:

    I havent picked one specific tree to watch this year, but the view under and around a maple – I blogged about it recently and one of my lovely visitors suggested that it might be of interest to folks on this page! 😀 I put up the full sequence of photographs last night 🙂 I’ll try for a full tree to keep an eye on next year, I think…

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