Goodbye to the Tree Year

Dear Tree Year contributors and tree lovers

Now that the International Year of the Forest and 2011 ends, we say goodbye to this Tree Year Project.
In the spur of a moment exactly a year ago, last December, I decided to start this blogging project – and I loved it. In the beginning it suddenly was a lot of work and I would have liked to find a better way to share the posts of all of you. Then it got calmer and every now and then one of the contributors posted an update. There were over 60 participants from around the world. Even though we heard only once from some and more often from others, the idea seemed to be appealing and I bet that most of you couldn’t pass a tree (or *your* tree) this year without looking at it in a special way.
To bad, that Dusty didn’t manage to make the video for the mid-year “celebration” – but everybody had also other stuff on their mind, I’m sure.

Personally I’ve learnt a lot this year and I just wanna highlight two things:
– I always thought that there are only flower buds – now I know that also leaves can start in buds.
– All those initiatives on green roofs was new to me and I really like it.

There are a lot of other wonderful webpages, initiatives and great photos out there, and I’m sorry I wasn’t always able to visit, post the links or let you know about it somehow. People who care about nature are very important!
I wrote an article for “Save our Woods” about this project and mentioned there, that if somebody wants to continue with the Tree Year 2012, I’d be very happy and please contact me.
For now, I want to thank you all for contributing, sharing the idea and making a difference!

Natalie aka dreamfalcon aka Ms Tree Year 😉

P.S. I’d love to read your personal resume about your Tree Year!

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12 Responses to Goodbye to the Tree Year

  1. Katie says:

    Hey! The year isn’t quite over yet. More to come… I hope you keep this blog accessible after this year.

  2. Edward Frank says:

    Thank you very much for starting this project. I am sorry I could not, or did not participate more than I did.

    Ed Frank

  3. Flighty says:

    Thanks for doing this wonderful idea which I’ve enjoyed supporting both with my own posts and reading other peoples. I shall continue to watch the progress of my plot trees, and post about them occasionally.
    I thought of you and The Tree Year when I took this photo last weekend which is a fitting tribute to end the year with. xx

  4. Greg says:

    Very sad to see it end, it was a wonderful idea and I learn’t a lot from my observations and other peoples posts.
    Gone but not forgotten and I shall see keep my blog going about my tree.

    Thank you

  5. My dogwood has had a hard year. 2011 has been both too dry and too wet: we’ve set a record for rainfall here in Central Kentucky. The tree didn’t bloom all that well and it didn’t set fruit. It’s showing signs of its age and the rough conditions of the last 2-3 decades.

    Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed getting to know a tree I thought I knew, and also the challenge of finding a new aspect to photograph each week.

    What will I do with my Saturdays now?.

    Thanks for doing this.

    And Happy New Year to you all and all the trees.


    P.S. My tree year

  6. Mike B. says:

    Thanks for hosting this Natalie! I started mine on 12/31/10, so I just posted my last one. Interesting to compare photos.

  7. Found you too late Natalie but an inspirational idea which I shall continue with into 2012.

  8. Bother! I’ve just arrived with a link to the first post about my new tree for 2012!

    Thanks for last year. Sure you’re not going to carry on this year? I wonder whether more people might be encouraged to take part if leaving information about the posts were simplified. (I’ve always got muddled about this.)

  9. I’ve written about this on Loose and Leafy at . Hope it’s ok.

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