Tree Order: Rosales – mostly Apple

The family of the Roses (Rosaceae) is part of the Rosales order – Apple, Cherry, Plum and others belong to this family.

genus Prunus – Plum

genus Cerasus – Cherry

genus Sorbus – Rowan

  • Mo in the UK

genus Malus – Apple

  • Kimberly and Susan in the USA (both links to Facebook)
  • Habibiboo in the UK
  • Caroline in the USA
  • Danielle in the USA
  • Esther in the UK

genus Crataegus – Hawthorne

  • Darcey in the USA
  • Flighty in the UK
  • Lucinda in the UK

Members of the Rosales are often grown for fruit or other products. Plants in this order tend to have five sepals and numerous stamens. (The Natural History Book)

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