I’m so happy to announce the people who joined the project so far – check out the map to see where all these trees grow.
Please leave a comment if I’ve made mistakes or forgot something!

  1. Nicole B – with a Mesquite in Kuwait
  2. Pescalune -with a Willow in France
  3. Mike – with a Walnut on the Pacific West Coast of the USA
  4. Lorraine – with a Silver Birch in Canberra, Australia
  5. Jen – with a fallen Birch in New England, USA
  6. Darcey – with a Hawthorn in Maine, USA
  7. Flighty – with a Hawthorn and a Plum in London, England
  8. Kimberly – with an Apple in New Hampshire, USA > first photo on Facebook
  9. Banu – with a Mulberry & three Planes in Istanbul, Turkey
  10. Anne-Lidd – with a Plum in New Zealand > photo on Facebook > more photos on Facebook
  11. Susan – with a Crab Apple in New England, USA > first photo on Facebook
  12. Marqueta – with an Osage Orange in Idaho, USA > first photo on Facebook
  13. Ria – with a Bean in Northland, New Zealand > first photo on Facebook
  14. Claire – with a Lime in Strathern, Scotland
  15. Natalie – with a Common Honeysuckle in Switzerland
  16. Suzanne – with a Hickory in Iowa, USA > first photo on Facebook
  17. Jennifer – with a White Mulberry in Central Park, NYC, USA > first photo on Facebook
  18. Mo – with a Rowan in Yorkshire, England
  19. Glo – with a Corkscrew Hazel on Vancouver Island, Canada
  20. Edward – with a Tuliptree in Pennsylvania, USA
  21. Annette – with an old Jacaranda in Florida, USA
  22. Pip – with two Small-leaved Limes in Devon, England and a Plane in Paris, France
  23. Ivan – with a Bigleaf Maple in Oregon, USA
  24. Gwendolen – with a Horse Chestnut in Groningen, Holland
  25. Kelly – with a White Pine in Connecticut, USA > first photo on Facebook
  26. Valeria – with a Beech > first photo on Facebook
  27. Amanda – with White, Gray & Paper Birch in New England, USA
  28. ResoRevo – with maybe a Lilac
  29. Barbara – with a Weeping Birch in Ontario, Canada > first photo on this blog
  30. Espoky – with an Oak in France
  31. Marcia – with a Eucalyptus in California, USA > photo on Facebook
  32. Lucinda – with a Hawthorn in the United Kingdom
  33. Juliet – with a Cherry and a Hornbeam in Edinburgh, Scotland
  34. Kaylene – with Weeping Willows in Oregon, USA > photo on Facebook
  35. Tansy – with a Cedar in the USA
  36. Marvin – with a Persimmon in the Arkansas Ozarks, USA
  37. Sherry – with a Dogwood in Kentucky, USA
  38. Habibiboo – with an Apple and a Mimosa in the UK
  39. Jo – with a Sweet Gum > photo on Facebook
  40. Lisa Rose – with a White Birch in Michigan, USA
  41. Rebecca – with a Staghorn Sumac in West Virginia, USA
  42. Katie – with a coast Douglas fir in Pacific Grove, California, USA
  43. Neighbor – with a Redwood and black Walnuts in the USA
  44. Amber with a Poplar and a Catalpa in Ottawa, Canada
  45. Kelly – with Birches in Seattle, Washington, USA
  46. Dusty – with a Lime in London, England
  47. Kip – with a Maple in Michigan, USA > first photo on Facebook
  48. Caroline – with a Larch in South Wales, UK
  49. Lynn – with a Dogwood in North Carolina, USA
  50. Wendy – with a Plum in Norfolk, UK
  51. Nirupama – with a yet unknown tree in Bangalore, India
  52. Sue H. – with a yet unknown tree in ?
  53. Leslie – with a White Pine in Illinois, USA
  54. Sue N – with a ? in the UK > photo on Facebook > more photos on Facebook
  55. Caroline – with an Apple in Maine, USA
  56. Greg – with a Sycamore and a ? in Yorkshire, UK
  57. Rebecca – with a ? in Missouri, USA
  58. Priya – with many trees in Bangalore, India
  59. Bucanetes – with a tree in Spain
  60. Lucy – with a Sycamore in Dorset
  61. Danielle – with Apple trees in Vermont, USA
  62. Esther – with an Apple tree in Coventy, UK
  63. Georgia – with an Elm tree in New York City, USA
  64. Marina – with a Red Cedar in the USA
  65. Michelle – with a Silver Maple in the USA
  66. Jane – with three trees in Durham, UK (on twitter)

Still looking for their tree or the right photo or a way to post it:

  1. Ulimasao – with Pohutukawa and Ti Tree in New Zealand
  2. Sarah
  3. Marcia
  4. Umut – with a Walnut
  5. Fiona
  6. Kellie &
  7. Springman
  8. Edith – with a Walnut
  9. Mandy

To be  continued …

2 Responses to Contributors

  1. ulimasao says:

    Hi there,

    Here you can read all about our Pohutukawa written by one of our children.

    It includes a year of photos.



  2. ulimasao says:

    A friend of mine showed me this that he made.

    Time lapsed footage of an orchard over a year.



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