the Trees

Linky Tools will no longer be a free service. It doesn’t cost much and I can understand the change but since I don’t know if we can manage the updates without it I will not pay the fee. I tried to export the 25 January Posts  but it didn’t work. We’ll just leave it like that for the moment.

2 Responses to the Trees

  1. Jane Parker says:

    My Acer Orange Dream is little but I’ve had it 10 days now and it looks like its thriving in my yarden and it has grown about 2inches with lovely tiny red leaves at the top showing off their larger crisp palish green sisters below. The Japanese Maple is delicate but I feel it will do well here

  2. Jane Parker says:

    My 2nd #treeyear tree is a baby Chardonnay Grape Vine I have had it here a week and have just put it outside after great deliberation whether it could survive an Ushaw Moor winter or not:) With a dubious rented conservatory it is debatable which would afford greater cover. He is sheltered within my strawberries and potatoes and since I bought him home ne has grown around 1/2inch. I will soon help him on with a bean pole and repotting. He is an awesome little man

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