about the tree

marina: This is a very exciting activity. :-)
Here is my first post on a red cedar. (April 19, 2011)

Ivan: I have a new post about my bigleaf maple in Oregon… (March 1, 2011) http://www.wildpnw.com/2011/02/28/my-bigleaf-maple-tree-in-february/

priyaiyer: I have started writing for The Tree Year on my blog. Here’s the link to my first post (Feb 27, 2011)

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  1. Greg L says:

    Hi, Not at all sure whether I am doing this right but here goes.
    I have added a page to my website purely for the blog about two trees I have chosen for the tree year project.
    Only one entry so far but it is a start!!
    Will add a photo gallery as I take some pictures of my chosen trees.
    Hope I have got the idea.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Just found your site and I think it’s great! Here’s my first link to a post I did as a tribute to a large pine tree that was removed by the local electric company..
    The Fall of a Giant..

  3. priyaiyer says:

    Hey! This is one more post for The Tree Year. It’s an old post, but about a lovely tree – and it would be a shame not to mention it here. 🙂

  4. Dusty says:

    The March Challenge – 11mins with my tree (s).
    http://ow.ly/4lMIv #trees, #birds, #wildflowers, #bees, #insects, #treeyear

  5. Dusty says:

    Hurrican damage and the White Comfrey – a new post about about my #treeyear trees


  6. Dusty says:

    My #treeyear – my two #trees in action http://ow.ly/4Yq2q #forests #nature

  7. Jane says:

    My3rd #treeyear tree An Ash on the banks of the Wear opp the Castle beside Framwellgate Bridge with Cathedral behind It has been growing like this for years with Mallards and robins near
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/57509396@N04/5808948065/in/photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/57509396@N04/5809527832/in/photostream/

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