5 months celebration

With May 11th coming, so does the 5 months celebration of the Tree Year project. Most of the trees have grown their leaves now.

  • 65 contributors from 12 countries
  • 390 followers on twitter*
  • 301 likes on Facebook**
  • ~8100 views on the blog
  • ~200 posts from the contributors

*if you twitter, please use the hash tag #treeyear – you can also follow the list of twitter supporters and/or contributors.

**please keep in mind, that not everybody is on Facebook – so post your blog entry in a comment on this blog, too. Find the appropriate page to post your comment in the head navigation Tree Year Posts. Like this you can find the newest contributions in “Recent Comments” on the right side.

Enjoy your May – wherever you are. I hope to read from your tree soon 🙂

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1 Response to 5 months celebration

  1. Rebecca says:

    I find myself really regretting not signing up to participate in this (my reasoning was that I couldn’t follow a single tree for the whole year, since I’m moving). What a cool project!

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