Tree Year March Challenge

Spring is about to arrive on the Northern Hemisphere. I believe that this makes fall arrive on the Southern Hemisphere. Whatever season you’re in, dear tree year contributors, I thought that we could do a challenge together:

Fill your bird feeders, take a chair and maybe your camera – or neither of this – but stay close to your tree/shrub for 11 minutes and note everything that visits the tree. Do this between the 21st and end of March as many times as you like.

Make a post on your blog, name it “Tree Year March Challenge” and comment on  this post with your link. Don’t forget to mention date and time of your observation:

Tree Year March Challenge – Honeysuckle

Eleven minutes with my Honeysuckle: March 21st – 1st day of spring – 6.56 am:
A light breeze through the already green and many leaves, and the first sunbeams of the day. Two male and one female House Sparrows at the feeder. No insects yet.

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10 Responses to Tree Year March Challenge

  1. Mike B. says: Not much was happening at first so I started looking at some other things around the tree. Then I heard a visitor…

  2. Thanks for this challenge. I can finally see my tree, but not a lot of activity yet.

  3. Greg L says:

    My 11 minutes were at 8am on Sunday the 27th March.
    Read here

  4. Pescalune says:

    Spend much more than 11 minutes with my Willow yesterday 🙂 Voici quelques morceaux choisis

  5. MartyL says:

    3:00 pm CDST, 31 March 2011, near Lena Park in Starke Co., Indiana USA. Tree: an old white oak (Quercus Alba) on a sand ridge in an old Black Oak Sand Savanna grove. Spring peepers calling in the distance. Birds visiting the tree: Brown Creeper, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Red Bellied Woodpecker. Here’s a Photo of White Oak Tree.

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  7. Nicole says:

    I totally missed this due to my lack of bloggy lust 😉

    I did get a few birdies though:

    European Hoopoe
    Pied Wheatear

    and the usual criminals of Laughing dove, White-eared Bulbul and House Sparrow 🙂

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