Bird count

While North America is having the Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend, I want to show you some of the birds that have been seen on the Treeyear trees:

There are Woodpeckers by espoky (Great Spotted Woodpecker, January 9), Mike B (Downy Woodpecker, January 23) and Caroline (Great Spotted Woodpecker among other birds, January 31).

Red Cardinals by Sherry (January 15) and blue Western Scrub Jays by Katie (January 16), an Eurasian Jay by espoky (January 27) and some Australian Magpies and Parrots by Lorraine.

Enjoy your bird  count – and remember: as soon as the leaves will start to grow bird watching will be much harder!

Birdhouse photo by fieldoftansy

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1 Response to Bird count

  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for the mention Ms. Tree Year ; )

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