February 11th – 2 month celebration

The Tree Year project celebrates its two month celebration

  • 56 contributors
  • 226 followers on twitter*
  • 255 likes on Facebook
  • 5000 views on the blog

and one sister page in German that I will have to give some attention once. Maybe German speaking people just don’t blog as much as  English speaking folks.

*if you twitter, please use the hash tag #treeyear – you can also follow the list of twitter supporters and/or contributors.

Thanks for sticking around!

A drop of resin on a cut tree

Drop of resin

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2 Responses to February 11th – 2 month celebration

  1. annette baesel says:

    love the resin photos…gives me a whole other approach to watching my tree…

  2. Barbara says:

    Mmmm – maple syrup time is coming – the drop of resin tells me so – well done! great post.

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