Your Tree Year posts – change of plan

Dear Tree Year contributors around the world

As I started this project in December I wasn’t even dreaming about that many people joining. I always wanted your posts to be visible here on the blog, but as the list of contributors grew and grew I got behind with posting all your fabulous contributions and observations. It also made me think that most of your trees grow on the Northern hemisphere, it’s winter and probably more posts are coming this way as soon as spring starts its impact on those trees.

At the end of January we tried Linky Tool, where you were able to post your links and 25 posts were posted. That’s great and please go there and check out the blogs of the others. Me, personally, I’m not too happy with it – it does look nice with the thumbnails but it links away from the blog, I experienced it as rather slow and most important: where do you post your articles when the Linky Tool is not open?

How do you post your links now
I came up with a new idea – and we will stick with this one (hopefully).
I added a new navigation point “Tree Year Post” with a structure

about the tree
trunk and bark
buds and flowers

life on the tree
other plants

around the tree
human marks


The idea is, that you leave a reply under the topic that suits your post best – main title or subtitle. Don’t put  too much words and, most important, post the link to your article. From time to time (if I find the time) I’ll take your links from the comments section to the text area.
You can find recent “postings” on the right side in the Recent Comments section.

I’ll continue to put first post of new ones on the contributors list.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply!
Natalie aka dreamfalcon

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8 Responses to Your Tree Year posts – change of plan

  1. Mo says:

    Makes sense when you read it twice 🙂 After the first reading I sat here thinking “What?” But truly, it does make sense (I’ve still got my wooly winter head on)
    Personally I’m much happier that everything stays in one place, so to speak.

  2. Marvin says:

    I’m pretty sure I understand the new procedure. And, I think I understand the objectives: Give contributors a way to share posts (i. e. visit the Tree Year posts of other contributors) while preventing maintenance of the Tree Year blog from becoming a full-time job for you. However, I wonder if having so many categories will cause posts/comments to get lost. I mean, that’s a lot of different categories to look through to find new posts. I’m not familiar with WordPress blogs, but is there any way to provide a page that aggregates all the new post comments on one page? Alternatively, I know some WordPress blogs have RSS feeds for comments where one can subscribe to all comments without making a comment. Is there any way to set up a single RSS feed for all comment pages? That way I could aggregate them in Google Reader. (Maybe some list of all comments already exists and I’m just not seeing it.)

    Regardless, I’m sticking with The Tree Year 2011. I appreciate your initiating this project and for all the time and effort you’ve put into making it work. Thanks, Natalie.


    • dreamfalcon says:

      Thanks so much Marvin for your comment. Your summary of my post is perfect 🙂

      I haven’t thought of the problem, that the new posts in the comments are hard to find – I haven’t found a solution to it either. I’ll keep on looking and if there any other ideas, I’ll be happy to get any kind of inputs. Thanks.

  3. Flighty says:

    Much as I like that I’m also wondering if people will find it over complicated, and possibly slighty confusing when deciding where to comment!

    As a possible alternative how about doing a monthly post titled ‘The Tree Year …February 2011’ and so on in which you can mention anything relevant, and can edit it accordingly throughout the month, where people can comment and include a link to their own post(s) for that month.

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