The Tree Year grows and grows…

Well, I think I said that before – I’m overwhelmed by the response to the Tree Year project. We are now at 41 (forty-one) trees and shrubs! Wow – that’s so cool!

At the beginning I was able to introduce every new tree here on the blog – I will try to keep doing that, but I also have to tell you, that the most up-to-date page regarding the contributors is the contributors page. Please pay those trees a visit from time to time and see who’s new. Thanks!

I still haven’t found the best solution to provide you with the updates on the different blogs – maybe one of you has a perfect idea?  Any other questions or ideas are very welcome – please put them in the comments section.

Happy Tree Year Week!


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3 Responses to The Tree Year grows and grows…

  1. Flighty says:

    That’s a terrific start!
    I think that the important thing is to make sure that all new contributors, and their trees, are initially listed.
    However as people vary, from daily to a few months, as to how often they post about their trees on their blogs I don’t think that you’ll be able to keep track especially as more join in.
    I would ask them to add a comment, including a link, on the contributors page whenever they do a tree post.
    You could also do a monthly roundup post here featuring, and linking to, some of the more interesting and unusal blog posts and photos.

  2. neighbor says:

    Another thing that might be possible is to have a new page that’s devoted only to participants’ posts and available for editing. You could maybe request that new posts be added to the top, that way viewers could click to the page and see what’s new right away. Maybe headings for each week could help organize it. Does that make sense?

    • dreamfalcon says:

      Thanks neighbor for the idea. I can’t make a page that is available for editing – I double checked.
      But I thought of something, where people can ad their posts > check out the sub chapter of contributors > The trees
      I hope that works 🙂

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