It is almost a month…

It is almost a month since I started the Tree Year project on a Saturday with lots of other things on the to-do-list. But I just dived into this, setting up weblogs, twitter accounts and Facebook pages in English and German to spread my idea.

I am still amazed on how many people seem to like the idea of observing a tree with everything on it, dead or alive. Some visit their tree every day some plan on putting up a post on their blog every month. Others like to pick more than one tree and I know of some who have not yet decided – still trying to find the perfect one.

I have to tell you, that I don’t care much about how you contribute to this project unless you like the idea, share some of your findings with us now and then and visit the other trees.

What I would love though (now that it went so well for the start) is to have more contributors: from the south of the US, middle and south America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Do you think you could help me with this?

I ask you for this next coming week of the one-month-celebration on January 11th (or anytime for that matter) to ask your friends, blogging-buddies and twitter followers (and add any other social media you are part of) to participate in the Tree Year project. Please feel free to go to the Facebook Page and hit the button “Suggest to friends” inviting the people, you think would be interested.

If there are issues about the language, not having a blog or other questions, please see the Q&A page and ask any other questions concerning the project.

Thank you all for spreading the word, contributing and supporting!

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2 Responses to It is almost a month…

  1. Katie says:

    Hmm, this is starting to feel too marketing-esque. Still love the idea, but what are you selling? Besides yourself?

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