Welcome Mulberry, Rowan, Harry and Tulip

Just one of the names in the title is a name: Harry.
Harry is actually a great looking Corkscrew Hazel that is now called Harzel – cause Hazel is a she…

Check that story out at Glo’s: Porcelaine Rose

The others are the trees from our newest contributors:

Jennifer passes a White Mulberry every day in Central Park, New York. One beautiful picture is up on the Facebook Treeyear Page

Mo takes a closer look at a still bare Rowan Tree.

Edward wanted “to choose a tree that I could observe on a regular basis. I wanted to choice a tree that showed a variety of faces throughout the seasons. I wanted to choose a tree where wildlife could be found.” He decided on a Tuliptree.

All great projects and it’s absolutely fantastic – the Tree Year has now officially 20 (twenty) trees!

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3 Responses to Welcome Mulberry, Rowan, Harry and Tulip

  1. Glo says:

    Many thanks for introducing Harzel ~ I’m still referring to it as a he, since he can still be nicknamed ‘Harry’. I have visited him each day since Jan. 1st as he’s a great motivator for taking a walk! Luckily the first 3 days were sunny otherwise I may have balked at the idea. The past two days have been more wintry, however I persevered. After all Harzel has to be out in it no matter what the weather, 24/7 😉 He starred in his first movie today.

  2. Flighty says:

    I like the variety of trees at such differing locations!

    I see from the map that you don’t know where Glo’s corkscrew hazel lives, which is on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

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