A Turkish Tree

What a surprise – the Tree Year Project seems to have a tree in Turkey. “Seems to” because I can’t read, write or speak Turkish and just saw the post on Twitter: “The Tree Year” in Turkey http://sineksekiz.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/2011-agac-yili/”  by twitter.com/Meyvelitepe

But thanks to internet and online translation tools, yes we do have tree number six in Turkey! Yippie!

Selamla! (welcome, hopefully)

Please let me know your first name and name that I can put the information on the “contributors” page!
Sen İngilizce konuşur musun? Almanca? Fransızca? İtalyanca? İspanyolca?

Does any of our readers or contributors speak Turkish? Well that’s something I didn’t think about when I started the project 🙂


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2 Responses to A Turkish Tree

  1. ayca says:

    selamlar i can speak turkish, what do you need may be i can
    help you, 🙂

    • dreamfalcon says:

      Ayca, that’s great. Could you tell me who made the post mentioned above and if it’s a contribution to the Tree Year Project or just mentioning the project. Thanks a lot!
      (and what would “hello” and “thank you” be in Turkish?) 🙂

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