Walnut Tree and Silver Birch

Yes it’s true: here comes tree number three and four!

Mike B. has a post from July where he presents his Walnut Tree that will also be his his tree for the treeyear – and with that post he goes back to the beginning… This tree stands in the pacific northwest of the USA.

The Silver Birch that Lorraine in Canberra picked also has a history.

Great to have you to on board! Looking forward to more posts about you trees.

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2 Responses to Walnut Tree and Silver Birch

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  2. Kip Kozlowski says:

    Hmm–I was seriously considering my walnut tree–it’s a sturdy survivor. Then I do have a birch tree that’s entwined with some other tree–that might be good. Then there’s my dear OLD, old tree down the lane that we want to build a treehouse in someday–that would get me a little, tiny bit of exercise. There is a fascinating half apple/half pear tree at the end of the lane. And Emily’s peach tree.

    Oh, dear. A plethora of pleasure.

    But I don’t have a blog—

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