Could this be the one?

This week on my way to work I was taking a closer look on some trees to make my final decision on “the tree”.

I had the ones close to the lake in mind: I looked at one of them a little closer and I thought there had a little something vanished into one of the holes. I waited and watched and really, a Wren emerged from it and sat on a branch. I have never noticed all these holes in different sizes in these Buckeye trees – so maybe this would be a good choice?

But then I realized why I never looked at them so closely – there are always a lot of people around because they are close to a bus stop and more important, there is the lake on the “other” side, and that’s where I normally look while walking to work. So no, this won’t be the one.

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2 Responses to Could this be the one?

  1. Kip Kozlowski says:

    Ahh, yes. Picking the Tree. There is one that I pass on my way into town that I dearly love–it’s actually a fallen huge trunk. I have taken pictures of it before, but it requires stopping the car in the drive across the street–and tho it is a quiet rural stretch of road, the family always seems to come home when I do that! So that won’t be my tree. And practically speaking, for any consistency, my Tree will have to be in my yard–but that still leaves SO MANY. Fun.

  2. Nicole says:

    But that’s a Beauty!
    I love that last shot!

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