Picking a Tree

First, you’ll have to pick a tree. The easiest way is probably picking one that is close to where you life:

  • in your backyard
  • on your way to work
  • or even on your balcony

But I would say that it doesn’t matter how it looks.

It could be a huge tree:

or a small tree:

maybe a “cultivated” tree:

or a wild one:

or a lonely tree:

Maybe it’s more like a shrub:

or even a dead tree:

Just give it a look now and then, and I’m sure there is always something to detect.

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6 Responses to Picking a Tree

  1. Kip Kozlowski says:

    oooo–yummy trees. The big one is amazing.

  2. Springman says:

    This sounds like an interesting project. I will choose my tree soon!

  3. Smlowry says:

    I’m going to pick the ancient crab apple tree in my back
    yard. I love this tree. Since I’ve moved here 13 years ago it’s
    lost some of its branches but still reaches toward the sky. Years
    ago it must have been considered a farm border because it’s wrapped
    in barbed wire that has since been deeply incorporated into the
    trunk. It has quite a hollow in its trunk as well, and a baby tree
    is growing at its base, that I’m leaving so that it can take the
    tree’s place someday. Each spring, around Mother’s Day, the tree
    blooms, though some years the whole tree blooms and then the yard
    is fragrant and full of the buzzing of bees. Other years only half
    of the tree blooms. When the tree blooms, that ‘s a sign that the
    hummingbirds I so love will soon return.

  4. Smlowry says:

    I forgot to check the boxes below so that’s what this post
    is for.

  5. Ulimasao says:

    Hi Dreamfalcon

    Here is our Pohutukawa tree.
    We took photos for nearly two years and one of our students completed a report about our tree.


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